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A Consumer’s Post: A Restaurant in Gurgaon Charged Rs 70 for Water

A post in Facebook is on fire as it is all about a famous restaurant in Gurgaon that charged a customer more than the marked price. According to Ravinder Kumar, who is the victim of this incident, posted in social media regarding the excessive charge on mineral water.

According to him, he along with his friends went for a quick bite at Soda Bottle Opener Wala at Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub. After having a fine dine, they were shocked to see that the price charged for a water bottle was Rs. 70/-, while the MRP mentioned on the bottle was just Rs 20.

When Ravinder and his friends approached the manager and staff, they refused to accept the same. They informed the restaurant staff regarding the new law passed by Ram Vilas Paswan who is the Union Minister of Food and Consumer Affairs, but they were least bothered.

As per the new law, the outlets, which sell packaged drinking water and cold drinks more than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP), including at airports, restaurants, multiplexes, could be charged penalty and even jail.

Even after explaining them everything, restaurant members replied back saying – “Such rules are not applicable in Cyber Hub and the restaurant and also added that all restaurants charge according to their own choice and customers are liable to pay the amount.

Showing ill behavior towards Mr. Kumar, the manager said – “Do whatever you can.” In order to teach them a lesson and to create awareness among the citizens, Ravinder Kumar posted the whole incident on Facebook, which went viral.

Many restaurants across the country are over-charging the customers. So, please open up and raise voice against this act. Be active enough and spread the awareness among all. The government can help only when they are aware that consumers take action and stand up against offences.

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