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This Adrenaline-Pumped Ghana Footballer Thanks his Wife and Girlfriend at the Same Time!

It is hard to keep calm when you are having a spectacular win. This is exactly what happened to South African footballer, Mohammed Anas. After the win, Anas was declared as the man of the match and looks like he simply couldn’t get a grip of his thoughts!

The adrenaline in the footballer left him off guard, as he ended up thanking BOTH his wife and girlfriend after the win. Anas soon realized the blunder he had made and instantly tried to rectify it. But the situation simply got messier. As they say… from the frying pan into the fire.

The Ghana footballer, played for a team called ‘Free State Stars FC’ in the South Africa’s Premier Soccer League. Anas was awarded the title of Man of the Match for scoring two times against ‘AJAX Cape Town’. During the presentation ceremony, the footballer was trying to express his gratitude when he committed this blunder. His speech went something like this: “And I appreciate my fans, also.” The Ghana player says at the starting of the clip, “My wife and my girlfriend…Yeah, I mean my wife. Yeah, sorry to say…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry, my wife…” And what happened after this was a series of trolls. The netizens just couldn’t keep calm after this outburst.

One such tweet read THANKS TO WIFE AND GIRLFRIEND! Mohammed Anas @freestatestars #motm last night: two goals, two women (Sic)

Anas managed to make things even worse. He justified himself by saying that he was actually referring to his ‘daughter’ as ‘girlfriend’! He said, “My family knows that I call my daughter, my girlfriend. That’s what I was talking about. I don’t have a girlfriend.”

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