Amazing Illustrations About Modern Society That’ll Make You Think

Steve Cutts is an amazing artist. This, is the true success of his work; the fact that he has depicted modern day life so brilliantly, balancing the strangeness of modern day with humour and talent to create some quite stunning final pieces.
Steve Cutts is based in London and it’s quite clear the big smoke has provided ample inspiration for his illustrations.
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Cutts previously worked for a number of businesses and brands but as of 2012 he went solo and pursued purely freelance work.
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It takes around a week for the artist to make each piece and they all have several different versions.


This particular illustration, ‘evolution’, shows a somewhat hyperbolic and humorous reflection of every day life but it’s also alarming in how much truth the illustration contains.

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Cutts has received some really positive reactions to his pieces, “I’m absolutely stoked with the reaction my work has got so far. I never know how my work is going to be received, so of course it’s great to have such a fantastic response!”

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