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These Amazingly Creative Collars Will Make You Buttoned Up All The Way

These-Amazingly-Creative-Collars-Will-Make-You-Buttoned-Up-All-The-Way. (1)

Whether you like to leave a few buttons loose, or you protect your neck at all times, it’s undeniable that a collar defines your style and your looks. It’s the closest clothing feature to your face, thereby deserving the most attention.

As more and more big brands are embracing the trend of embellished collars, studs and rhinestones are nothing special nowadays. A small pin with a cute design is an instant way to bring interest to the feature closest to your face, and a recent edgy innovation is to link pins on each side with a chain. The extra crafty have even started embroidering small pictures on their collars. So let’s check out these amazingly creative collars that will give you a premium look. And don’t forget to vote your favorite one.

These Amazingly Creative Collars Will Make You Buttoned Up All The Way.

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