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AmazonFresh Targets London’s Competitive Online Grocery Market for Next Launch

Amazon has been slow to launch its online grocery delivery service in new markets, but there’s hints that one of its next big markets could be London, a city that already has attracted a number of big providers. The Guardian reports today that Amazon has leased a warehouse in the London suburb of Weybridge, where supermarket store chain Tesco used to operate a distribution center.

Amazon’s decision to launch internationally for the first time is an interesting one since it has been slow to roll out in the U.S. To date, AmazonFresh is only available in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles after initially launching in Seattle eight years ago. But why London?

The big European city is already a highly competitive market, where online shopping has become an established way for consumers to get their groceries. Some of the most well-known players, include Ocado, an online-only UK grocery delivery service founded 15 years ago. Other providers include supermarket chains, including Tesco, Waitrose, and Sainsbury. Additionally, Asda, the second-largest supermarket retailer, also deliveries food to your door and is notable because it is owned by Walmart.

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