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Amazon’s Dash Buttons are Proof We’ve Reached a New Level of Laziness

Buying stuff is literally a touch away with Amazon’s Dash buttons. The $5 “Wi-Fi enabled replenishment devices,” as Amazon calls them, were announced on the eve of April Fools’ Day and we all thought Amazon was pranking us. The joke was on us because Amazon was dead serious about these little doohickeys that allow you to order a specific product with a press of a button.1-2 The Dash is a simple little white piece of plastic. It comes in eco-friendly packaging (like all of Amazon’s own hardware do). The front shows the brand (Tide, Kraft, Gatorade, etc.) and has a button. It comes with a black removable ring for what I can only assume is for attaching to a hook (you’re not really gonna clip this thing onto your keys or backpack, are you?).1-1On the back is an adhesive for sticking it around your house; a Tide button would go on your washing machine, Glad trash bag button on your trash bin, and so forth. Before I say any more, I should tell you Dash buttons are for Amazon Prime members only. If you don’t have a $100 annual subscription to Prime, you can’t play the lazy game.

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