Amusing and Embarrassing Daughter-Father Texting Failures That Would Make You Laugh As Well As Cringe!

One of the most real but equally-trying relationship is the relationship between a father and his daughter. Fathers are heroes to their kids, but sometimes because of the damn autocorrect, you wish that you hadn’t hit ‘send’ on the last message or hope your father didn’t accidentally send you something horrific.

The awkward moments are so cringing that you would want to forget them as soon as it happened. If you also have had such moments, you would easily relate to these epic father-daughter texting failures. Check out these hilarious top awkward father-daughter fails:

  1. The Mom’s Corpse:

Damn autocorrect! ‘He took his moms Camaro’ became ‘He took his moms corpse’!!!

  1. The Butcher’s Boner:

How a simple turkey breast becomes a vulgar conversation is relative! The important part to focus on is that a father is asking his daughter to check out the butcher’s boner!! Isn’t that weird, but hilarious at the same time?

  1. Making Daddy Proud:

Is there really a show called 16 and Pregnant!! How dumb!! I don’t think a father would text the ‘f’ word to his daughter though. It must be autocorrect. He must have meant bless you!

  1. This Isn’t Just Awkward!! This Is Disastrous!!

I don’t think Becky is going to talk to her dad for a really long time!!! This is something which shouldn’t happen to one’s worst enemy either!!

  1. It Is the Truth! I Swallow!!

When accidental auto correct actually tells the truth to your dad!! Damn!! Of course, dad would ask her to come home!!

  1. What a Weird Way to Get Attention!

You should do this only when your dad is in a serious meeting so that he gets so shocked that he cancels the meeting all together!!! It will be more fun that way!!!

I hope that these epic failures were something you could relate to or laugh at in some way!!

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