An Accidental Photobomb Turns A Bread-Seller Into A Model

Singer and photographer Ty Bello was in Lagos, Nigeria, shooting photos of English musician Tinie Tempah.

The photo shoot was going smoothly… and then something happened that would change one life and millions of perspectives, something that no one could have foreseen.


We’ve seen some pretty impressive “photobombs” — defined as someone unexpectedly popping into a photo without the intended subjects realizing it — like this one by a beluga whale who was very happy to partake in local politics.

But this particular shot might just be the best photobomb ever and all because of one enormous bag of bread!


As they were shooting, a young bread-seller accidentally wandered into the frame. The moment of surprise is caught on both her and Tinie’s faces.

Although completely unintentional, Ty’s talent as a photographer combined with the bread-seller’s natural grace made for a striking shot.

But there was just one question: Who was she? See what happened in this amazing turn of events!

The photo shoot was going as normal for Ty and Tinie. Ty chose the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, for the city’s character and individuality.

“I’ve photographed so many international celebrities in this town,” Ty said.


Looking through his photos, though, he found that many of them were photographed in hotel rooms, far away from the real city. So he and Tinie decided to head outside.

And a dose of Lagos’ character is exactly what they got.

If you think this shot looks staged, think again — it’s just a perfect moment!

While shooting, the bread-seller in the red dress accidentally wandered into frame. “She walked onto our set and magic happened,” Ty recalls. “It wasn’t planned at all.”


But you’d never guess. The shot is perfect, from the dress to her face, and even the huge bag of bread balanced on her head.

Now the task was to find her!

And find her they did! Ty immediately began searching for her after he realized how striking she was on camera. His assistants put the word out, and the next day, she appeared at Ty’s studio

The bread-seller was 27-year-old Olajumoke Orisaguna, or Jumoke for short, mother of two.

Ty recognized her potential and helped her secure a modeling contract. Then, he shot some more photos of her.

Here, she is with her younger child, 14-month-old Grace.
Jumoke recently landed a magazine cover and her amazing story of being in the right place at the right time has captivated the world.



Ty wants to make sure, though, that people realize that Jumoke is a hardworking and capable woman who works seven days a week to support her family.

He also hopes that Jumoke’s story will inspire others to pay closer attention to the people around them who work hard at humble jobs to provide for their families, and help them out if they can.

“Nothing gives you a bigger break from your troubles than just making life easier for someone else,” he says.

“Give an orange seller [some money] and she may be able to take the next day off to attend to herself and her children.”

As for Jumoke, she’s hoping that her new career will help her follow her dream of becoming a hairstylist — or her even bigger dream of acting in Nigeria’s Yoruba films.

And according to Ty, she’s natural in front of the camera!

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