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Angelina Jolie Takes a Jab at Trump at the UN Though Subtly

Trump administration is under severe criticism for it’s policies, especially on immigration and building a wall at the Mexican border. The criticism is also from many American celebrities. Latest addition to the list of criticizers is famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

Delivering a speech in Geneva at the United Nations Assembly Hall, she made subtle jabs at Trump. Taking pride in being an American, she also described herself as an internationalist. Elaborating on the term internationalist she said, “It means to see the world with a sense of fairness and humility and recognizing our own humanity in the struggles of others. It stems from a love of one’s country, but not at the expense of others.

She alleged that the elected politicians are not respecting international agreements and undermining the importance of institutions like the UN.

She stressed on the fact that the United Nations needs a reform. That is, in the current scenario, it seems to be imperfect, but that does not in any way mean that it has lost it’s purpose.

She has been quite vocal about the policies the new regime in the United States is trying to follow on refugee front and about the travel ban on some specific Muslim countries. Her latest speech at the UN has gained a lot of interest on social platforms.

While some are against her, there are many who are supporting her views that the policies adopted by the government should not encourage fear and hatred.

Though she did not take anyone’s name, it was very clear from her speech that she does not approve the policies adopted by the new administration in the Unites States on many fronts.

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