The Angrezi That Only Indians Are Capable of Using

Indians love to talk in English in spite of the fact that we hate the Britishers who ruled over us for years together. Now that we are a free country from the past 70 years, still the love for their language is strong enough. We feel that unless we speak in English we won’t be considered learned and cool.

The problem is not with speaking English as it is now an international language but the way we murder this language is totally unacceptable. At times the wrong usage of words or spellings creates hilarious or embarrassing situations.

  • “Raj beds Deepika”….. seriously!! You need to tell this to the whole world.

How's that possible?

  •    You must have had vegetable juice, but if you wish to try visitable juice then you need to visit this shop. Or will the juice visit you for 5, 10 or 15 rupees?

Is that so?

  •    After reading this, all we can say is RIP English and heaven is definitely what you deserve after getting battered so much here.

RIP, English!

  •    I think where prosecuting doesn’t help in stopping shoplifting, this certainly would.


  •    Really…. all brides for sale…. why, where, when?

Brides??? Like really???

  •    Technology is definitely going places…we now have to take away rooms.

How to take away a room?

  •    I will swap my card, but first let me swipe it for all those fancy things I want so that when I swap it you pay all the bills.

Swap... Swap!

  •    Go to Gopal and Gagan Mehandi art if you want to get a hand for free.

One hand free? No thanks!

  •    Along with the flat, the person has put the family for sale too … Any takers?


  •    Omg …..It’s Dipper man….


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