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Another ATM in Delhi Dispenses 2000 Rupee Note with Children Bank of India as Headline and Twitter Goes Crazy

After the higher value currency notes were demonetized on 8th November 2016, a lot of ATMs have dispensed notes, which were bogus or fake ones. The first time it happened was at an ATM of State Bank of India in southeast Delhi in Sangam Vihar. The ATM dispensed Rs 2000 notes with the title Children Bank of India and label on the side was Churan Label. That incident was not a long time ago and yet again with the same features and look, another ATM in Delhi has dispensed counterfeit notes. An ICICI Bank ATM of Amar Colony Area in New Delhi was the culprit this time.

The victim was Chandan Rai who instantly informed the police about the fake note the ATM dispensed on 7 March at 11:30 AM. The ATM located at Neem Chowk, Garhi was where he withdrew the fake note from. In the report, Rai said that he was shocked when the machine dispensed the note and he even got a message from the bank about the deduction.

According to a senior police officer, the incident was not a foul play and that the case is now handled by the Crime Branch. We are not sure whether Chandan Rai was credited back with the amount he was defrauded of yet.

While the authorities are still tracking down the real mastermind behind this prank to bring them to justice for screwing with the law so much, the users on Twitter are having a gala over this incident by making jokes and puns on it. Some are taking cheap shots on our Prime Minister on demonetization, while others are being sarcastic towards the authorities who are not able to identify the real evildoers.

Here are some of those tweets:

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