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Another Thought-Provoking Message on Girl Child Endorsed by Aamir Khan

When it comes to promoting social messages and several orthodox and traditional norms that are being carried out in India from a multitude of decades, Aamir Khan is the one that comes forward – be it hosting the viral social reality show “Satyamev Jayate” or endorsing “Incredible India” advertisements or lending his full support for the “Narmada Bachao Andolan.”

Aamir Khan puts his magic in such social acts, and we are left pondering and in awe of him as always. His latest film, which was the biggest hit of 2016 and is still running in theaters, Dangal broke many stereotypes related to women and at the same time inspired millions of families in India to raise their girl child and give them an equal chance as the young boys of this country are given.


The actor is now seen in a television commercial promoting women empowerment and gender equality, giving a message that women have the potential to excel the same way like men or even more than them.

The commercial brings forth Aamir Khan and Star Plus’ new campaign “Nayi Soch” to address the issue of gender inequality in India. The commercial showcases Mr. Perfectionist AKA Aamir Khan as a middle-class and small-town mid-age Sikh father who is confident and proud of his two daughters. His business is thriving, and he tells that his daughters are responsible for the success of his business. The naming of the shop “And Daughters” is a positive touch towards empowering women. It is an embodiment of new thinking that everyone should follow and send out ripples of feminism and gender equality.

The commercial ends with a beautiful message- “Success does not consider whether one is a boy or girl; it only attributes to powerful thoughts into consideration.”

The ad has gone viral with people spreading it through WhatsApp and Facebook. It is generating a lot of discussion on people’s mindset towards a girl!

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