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Gear Up: Apple All New iPhone 8 Is most Probably Going To Release This September


Apple new iPhone 8 is on the bay to launch on 12 September (most probably), which means very soon, so hold your heart as this is Apple smartphone’s 10th anniversary, that means there will be definitely something grand.

The new launch will have various features to unfurl, there is news that it will have no home button with a larger screen, wireless charging and facial recognition too. Apple has been launching iPhone 8 in three display sizes: 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches and 5.8 inches with OLED screen.

For avid photographers, iPhone 8 may bring front camera with 3D-sensing capabilities.the new launch might have copper blush finish despite rose gold.


But what may disappoint you a little is its cost, it is anticipated to be around $1000 means 63920.00 INR.

Apple is also set to release the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, a 4K Apple TV and a new Apple Watch with LTE. LTE capabilities in Apple’s new watches mean you don’t need to carry your iPhone around to receive notifications on your Apple Watch.

However, these all could be hoaxes and Apple may surprise you with an entirely different set of features containing either all or none of these. As of now, stay tuned till Sep 12 to see what company actually present to us.

But one thing of which I am sure is if you want to own it, be ready to empty your savings!

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