Apt Comparisons of What You See and What Your Parents See When It Comes to Technology

Technology has always been at a fast pace during the nineties. There has been a ton of changes in how we handle things in our childhood as compared to how our parents used to do it in theirs.

Our parents do try to keep up with the pace of innovation and technology advancements, but they certainly are a little skeptic or scared when it comes to changing their lifestyle completely just because some website says so.

Sometimes their grasping power is slow and they feel that simple technology is actually really complicated. No matter what the case is, parents have difficulty when it comes to technology and here are a few comparisons that prove so:

  • Online Payments:

Putting your credit card details online means that anyone can steal your information no matter how safe and secure Visa/MasterCard portal sounds.

  • When Parents Use Skype for Video Calling:

Video calling is something brand new and a foreign concept to them. But once they use it successfully, they feel like they have reached Mars!!!

  • Usage of Facebook:

Wastage of time according to our parents is using Facebook. It’s just like squishing the watch properly.

  • Searching on Google:

How can Google just tell me the answer to what I am asking exactly? It is a website! How does it understand me??

  • How to Restart a Computer?

When your mom calls you because her computer is acting up and she asks for your help, all you tell her is click on the window button, then the power button then click on restart. But it is so difficult to find the power button that you need to send screenshots.

As you can see, it is pretty difficult for our elders. So, shed your ego and help out a little. They helped you all your life, didn’t they?

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