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This is Really Sad – Arnold Schwarzenegger Found Sleeping Under his Own Famous Bronze Statue

Arnold Schwarzenegger Found Sleeping under his own bronze statue

He has done this to convey a message which is yet another example of the dual character of the people, society & the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a bodybuilder, actor and former California Governor as well. A pic of him sleeping under his own famous Bronze statue at Columbus is trending on internet.

Reportedly, Arnold has recently shared this picture, writing sadly, ‘How times changed’. His picture is a proof that people only respect possession, and not the person. Everybody wants to be defined by the power they have. This is a bitter, bitter reality of this world.


Arnold had opened the hotel with his statue in front of it when he was the governor of California. At that time, the hotel officials assured him that a room would always be reserved in his name. Also he could check in at any time.

But recently when he went to that hotel, the management refused to give him a room saying that all rooms were completely packed. Though Arnold was able to take a room in a different hotel, but he decided to sleep in-front of that same hotel under his statue.

Later with another post on his social media account, he said that when he was in a powerful position, everyone was praising him. But as he lost his position, they(hotel management) conveniently forgot their promise to him.

Hope the state Government is looking at what has happened and will take actions if necessary.

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