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The Artist Creates “Eco- Friendly” Lotus Lamps Which Are Totally Awesome!!

Moussa Moussa a young French designer, had been in the field of designing for almost more than a year, and now he has come up with a glorifying yet Eco-friendly creation- Lotus Lamps.

The “Lotus” consists of twelve wooden petals, laser cut, oak and poplar, 100% sustainable and eco-friendly wood. The design of this series, allows the fixtures to be suspended in two ways which leave the freedom to everyone to harmonize their home.

The Lotus series aims to bring a warm touch by the naturalness of its wood to your interior. It offers a multitude of patterns that together can form a contemporary vegetation and a floral design. And the artist claims that it will actually transform your living spaces into a haven of peace. So let’s not wait up any longer and directly check out the creative lamps.

The Artist Creates "Eco- Friendly" Lotus Lamps Which Are Totally Awesome!!

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