An Artist just created Live Action Figures in Human Form of SpongeBob & Square Pants and it is terrifying

SpongeBob is a beloved children’s cartoon that has dominated our TV screens for as long as we can remember. The Krusty Krab’s cook has a very special place in the hearts of both the young and old, for all the troubles he went through for various reasons. He is absolutely adorable and his closest friend and confidant, Patrick Star is equally adorable.

Recently someone defecated the cute and good boy image of both these beloved cartoon characters. An artist called Miguel Vasquez decided to make live action figures of the duo. The artist created something which is going to give you nightmares. Patrick Star looks like a dangerous Russian Mobster and SpongeBob looks like the Mob Boss! Check out Mr. Vasquez’s creations:

This is what they really look like:

Nobody is ever going to piss of Patrick again or the mobster would kill them instantly.

This image is not going anywhere now and it has been embedded in your memory. Now every time you see SpongeBob and Square Pants, you would be reminded of this! Sorry!!

Naturally, twitter had some views on this horrendous live action SpongeBob and Square Pants!!

  1. Money doesn’t buy Silence or Does it?

I don’t think it does. Max Goof would take your money and still keep the image online. No one can take it down once it has gotten on the internet!!

  1. Thumbs fucked by King Kong #SpyKidsReference:

He does look like that. Nice eye mads!!!

  1. Everyone is reminded of their mommy when they are scared:

I suggest you stay with your mom for a couple of days. What if they come back to haunt you again. Stay safe!!!

  1. The True SpongeBob and Square Pants:

When live action is actually done the right way, they look like this!!!

I do hope this haunts you forever like it is haunting me #DevilFace!

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