Ask ‘Google Fortune’ about your future, the answer is hard-hitting

In an innovative, yet hard-hitting way of telling people about the growing refugee crisis in Europe, a fake Google site seeks to raise awareness by telling people about their future.


Dubbed Google Fortunetelling- Predict your future, the site first prompts you to type in a query about your future, as soon as you type in any random question, the result page tells you that because you were interested in knowing your own future. The creators of this fake Google site thought it was better to use the Google name and logo on the fake site to attract more attention.

The site however has been reported as a forged site and Firefox users are greeted with a “Reported Web Forgery!” alert when they try to access the website. The site however, is directly accessible using Google’s Chrome Web browser and Microsoft’s Edge.

The website is not affiliated with Google and its records show that its has been registered in the Netherlands by Edwin Fennema, owner of BrandMedia, a web design company.


Interestingly, the questions that prompt are not related to ‘how much will I earn in future,’ or whether ‘I’ll be buying that sports car,’ but include queries about things we, who perhaps have a roof on our heads and a stable job to help feed our family might overlook.

With questions like,‘Will I be ever reunited with my family, ‘Where can I find a safe place,’ and ‘Will humans ever stop fighting war,’ the creators want to create awareness about the 60 million refugees who are unsure of their futures and whether they will ever be accepted in the normal world sans discrimination.

Further links show the images and videos related to refugees from war-torn Syria and other conflict-ridden areas of Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya who have been migrating to Europe in search for a better life.

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