Astonishing: Childhood Time Capsule Returned to Owner 67 Years Later

Nearly seven decades ago, a 12-year-old crumpled up a type-written letter along with a few boyhood trinkets and stuffed them into a Mason jar which he hid away in the walls of the basement of his childhood home in Pueblo, Colorado. The jar would remain untouched and forgotten for 67 years before it was returned to the boy, now a 79-years-old man.

The letter says: “This house was constructed in 1929. Our name is Gilbert. There are four of us. My sister is Janice. My name is Billy Gilbert. I am 12 years old and Janice is fourteen. This is the year 1949.” Young Billy Gilbert went on to say that he had an Irish Setter, two kittens, and a bird, as well as a stamp collection.


Among the trinkets in the capsule was an 1892 stamp from his collection, an Indian head penny, and a black-and-white photograph of his family.

It was absolutely impossible, the man who found it was an amazing man, he could have thrown it away, but he spent a lot of time and effort trying to find him and give his time capsule.



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