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All you want to know about Avengers Infinity War Promo Art

So finally the long-time wait has been over & the promo art of Avengers, the thrilling action-packed hollywood movie has been released! Confirming about the characters in the movie.

Here you will get to know about the all of the leading characters in the movie, which will release next year. Curious to know about them. Well, keep scrolling down.

From left to right in the promotional art, you’ll have Teen Groot, Iron Man sporting a sleeker redesign that’s somewhat reminiscent of his appearance in the All-New & Different Marvel reboot. A bearded Captain America who looks a bit rough around the edges,Spider-Man wearing the Iron Spider-inspired suit from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Star-Lord, and down in the bottom-left you’ll have Rocket.

The promo art has got a blasting response from fans all over the world. They are loving it & just can’t wait for the release date. Now, all eyes are on the release of the movie’s trailer, where these characters will be seen in action mode, just as in their previous parts.

The Star Cast of ‘Avengers infinity war’ is also very much excited about this movie along with the fans. They are all happy with the huge responses to the promotional art &  hoping that the movie will do great box-office collections like all it’s previous parts.

So, let’s hope for the best of everything now, & wait for the next move by the movie makers.

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