Awesome GIFs that show smartness of the next generation, the kids

The next generation is already way more advanced than we ever were. With the availability of the vast Internet and latest tech gadgets, they are capable of learning about almost everything. But some of the following GIFs prove that, they in fact are smarter than us in many ways. These GIFs have kids showing some of the most genius hacks of simple stuff that we adults would never have thought of.

Check out these sassy acts by small kids, who apparently are much more smart and intelligent than us adults:

  • The Quickest way to wear a Jacket:

I know! You must be wondering, why we haven’t thought of something like this! That’s the genius of a kid with a fashion sense by birth!

  • That kid is a born body builder:

He must already have really strong legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back and abdominals. Did I leave any muscle out?

  • Why bother putting it in the right whole, when you can open the entire thing and put it in?

That sounded vulgar! It would be clearer once you see the GIF. I was talking about the box.

  • When you are Born from a Boom Box:

For those who have never heard of a boom box, it is a big music player that runs on portable batteries. It has a raw natural sound and plays CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, etc. For the people who don’t know what those are, I can’t help you. You are too new!!

  • And we were under the impression that our childhood was the best:

Adults feel sad for kids of this age as they stay hooked up in electronic gadgets all the time and the adults used to play outside in their leisure time. Kids feel sad for the adults, as they didn’t have these toys in the past. It’s a vicious circle.

Now that you have seen the GIFs, decide for yourself, who is smarter, the adults or the kids!

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