The Awkward Yet Priceless Autocorrect Moments With Moms

Moms are simply awesome, aren’t they? They are our own little superheroes. There is perhaps literally nothing that they cannot do. But there is an exception when it comes to texting. Have a look at these priceless SMS fails. It serves as a reminder to us that the ‘superheroes’ who are known to be the best are also prone to getting things horribly wrong at times. But this doesn’t stop them. It would take some time, but it won’t be long until they master the art of texting or messaging with the auto-correct feature in the background.

Until then, you can sit back and enjoy these hilarious compilations of mom-child conversations.

  • This mom has her own little interpretation of ‘LOL’. Did your mum think the same?

  • WTF! Isn’t this just adorable? Maybe there is a dictionary that is scamming these innocent moms with the wrong acronyms?

  • Well, this mother over here has got her priorities sorted! Say ‘NO’ to a girlfriend but, ‘YES’ to drugs. This mother lives in a parallel universe maybe?

  • Have you ‘Googled’ yourself? Well, these kick-ass parents have. But, make sure to re-check what you wrote.

  • This mother is upset for having a ‘stiff’ as an anniversary gift and that is not a gift you’d want to receive, especially on an anniversary!

  • This mom over here tries to crack it up!

  • This mom over here has her swag on. Simply, love her rap talent. I wonder if her kid developed any of it while being grounded…

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