Bangalore Prof. to Launch an Online Campaign against St Joseph’s College of Arts and Sciences

Ashley Tellis, an associate professor, has been terminated from his job by St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru on the basis of hurting the ‘sensitivities of undergraduate students from heterogeneous backgrounds’ and ‘giving his personal opinions’ during his lectures.

Ashley Tellis, who also happens to be an LGBT rights activist, was working as an associate professor in the English Department of St Joseph’s College before getting terminated on March 9.

But it looks like Prof. Tellis is not going to take his termination easily. He shared on Facebook a series of posts highlighting the unjust treatment given to him. He also censured the prestigious college for many matters. “Does the college pay any heed to the sensitivities of UG students from heterogeneous backgrounds? Why penalise girls who wear leggings, colour in their hair, torn jeans and who go to pubs – all that may be their idea of culture, right? Why ask girls and boys to sit separately, not be seen together walking or sitting anywhere?” he wrote on his Facebook page, raising a series of debatable issues.

Tellis has even criticized the Principal of the prestigious St Joseph’s College of Arts & Sciences.

In an interview with, Tellis explained that the college had an issue with his ‘homosexuality’. He said the driving force for his sacking was not just his sexual orientation, but also his habit to encourage young students to ‘challenge’ few policies and directives of the Indian govt.

He was not pleased about the fact that he wasn’t notified about the ‘complaints’ against him. He was also upset about the fact that the college ‘broke’ the clause of 1-month’s prior notice, which was mentioned clearly in his contract.

In response to Tellis’ accusations, the college gave out a statement citing, “Prof Ashley Tellis was appointed on a temporary six-month contract in November 2016. He had clearly stated his orientation in his application and at the interview – the college deemed this to be his personal choice.”

They further explained that they had to take this severe action as they received many complaints from the students of the institute and their parents about Tellis for crossing the line several times during his comments and interactions.

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