Bangladesh’s Only Female Rickshaw-Puller’ Teacher’s Life Lessons on Determination

Excluding and paying no attention to stereotypes, Mosammat Jasmine is giving every woman a powerful message on woman empowerment goals. Becoming a great and single female rickshaw puller in Bangladesh from being a single mother, her journey has not been less than a roller coaster ride, but an inspiring one!

When this mother of three children was quizzed when she took a break at a bus stand about her selection of this career, she said, “I do it to make sure my sons gets a good education, and they don’t sleep hungry.

Adding to her statement, she gave an inspiring declaration, “Allah has given me a pair of legs and hands to work with. I earn instead of begging by using his gifts.”


As reported by a news channel, Jasmine’s first choice of career was the job of a maid. Afterwards she joined a garment factory in Bangladesh, and eventually she took a call to step into the shoes of being Bangladesh’s first rickshaw female puller. The 45-year old when asked why she dropped the idea of the job of a maid, she said, “The job of the maid is good if I’m supposed to take care of me only, whereas I have to take care of my three sons as well, which cannot be done with a small job of being a maid.”

Every field has criticism, but this area has more of it. Some people denied sitting in her rickshaw just because it was driven by a woman. Others have the issue that Islam doesn’t permit a woman to roam like this.

After some time, the hassle disappeared and she started earning reasonable amount on a daily basis. Presently, she is receiving approximately Rs 600 daily by the evening, and she is taking Rs 500 home after paying the rent of rickshaw to its owner. She used this amount for her necessary expenses.

Jasmine, who is practicing Muslim, says she is still facing taunts from the public who question her faith. She replied, “I don’t listen to them,” and said, “My sons need their education, and so I’ll do my best to ensure that as long as I live.”

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