A Befitting Reply was given by India in the nasty cartoon of the NYT after president, Donald Trump decided to pull out the country from the accord of Paris

It all started when back in the year 2015, India and a few other countries were not sure whether they wished to be part of a Green Climate Fund. In the same year, when this news was making the headlines, the New York Times had mocked India and made ridiculous cartoons describing India and the Green Climate Fund situation.

If you are not aware of this news, then here have a look at the cartoon the New York Times published with respect to India and its uncertainty about joining the Paris Climate Summit.

The New York Times did not just stop at this.  They still wanted more fun. This happened again during the space mission of Mars. The cartoons portraying these scenarios were really very tasteful.

But now it is time for our country to give the New York Times a taste of their own medicine. India decided that it is not going to take any form of shit this times and gave an absolutely solid reply to the New York Times.

Here check out the latest transformation to the above cartoon.

Recently another big news about the President of United States, Donald Trump made the headlines. The news was that the Donald Trump is in no mood to continue with the Paris Accord that was drafted in the year 2015 and has pulled out the United States of America out of the accord.

This gave the perfect opportunity to our country to strike back with the same set of cartoons which were used by the New York Times to mock India. India gave a befitting reply to the New York Time’s post. This hilarious cartoon was prepared by Satish Acharya.

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