Bermuda Triangle Mystery May Have Finally Been Cracked After Giant Discovery

The Bermuda Triangle has left scientists scratching their heads and sailors quaking in their boat boots for years. Over the last few centuries it is thought that dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared in a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bound roughly by Miami, Puerto Rico and, as the name would suggest, Bermuda. Although you cannot find any official map, meaning you will not know when you have crossed the line, many people believe that it is a very real place. Shrouded in mystery for years, recent findings suggest the mystery may finally have been solved.

A new theory centred around underwater craters could explain it all. I use the word ‘could’ loosely, as the series of craters that have been discovered are actually nowhere near the mythical place – they’re in Norway.


According to the Sunday Times, researchers from the Arctic University of Norway have released a statement explaining these new findings.

“Multiple giant craters exist on the sea floor in an area in the west-central Barents Sea … and are probably a cause of enormous blowouts of gas. The crater area is likely to represent one of the largest hotspots for shallow marine methane release in the Arctic.”

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