I Bet You Won’t Believe These Jobs Actually Exist:

Craziest Jobs

I Bet You Won’t Believe These Jobs Actually Exist:

Beta bade hoke kya banoge?

We have always been asked this question and our expected answers made our parents smile. Most parents do expect a good job for their children. But some jobs are also there which are funny and weird somehow. There is even a job where you have to sleep. YES, I am not kidding.

Here’s the list of some crazy jobs across the globe that you’ll not believe they do exist. Have a look at these jobs.

Rental Boyfriend:

In Turkey, if your money, then finding a boyfriend is an easy task. If you want a boyfriend for certain period of time, then you can get the same if you are in Turkey. I don’t know really what all the boyfriends will do, but I am sure it sounds fun. Isn’t it? This concept is named as “Rental Boyfriend”.


Professional Sleeper:

When I came across this job, my reaction was… WOW!!! You actually get paid to sleep! Is it really? Professional sleepers doze off with scientists conduct research on sleep disorder. This is undoubtedly the most comfortable job on the earth.

Wedding Guest:

This is a part-time job in Japan where people appointed as a wedding guest. Apart from money, they also get free food.

Professional Pusher:

No doubt Japan is a hard-working nation. All its people reach work on time. Japan has employed people to push passengers onto trains so that everyone will reach their work on time.

Vomit Cleaner:

Some roller coasters dip, rise and turn at such crazy angles that your breakfast is bound to come out the wrong way. Amusement park owners knew this fact and thus this job came into being. But why do people chose this job? Just for a free ride!

Deodorant Tester:

I must salute these guys for their job. We have a habit of indulging our nose in other’s work. But these people poke their noses into people’s armpits to test the odor. Now that’s what you call a sticking job.

Electric Shock Giver:

Toques, as they are called as dudes, carry a small wooden box that carries electric shocks. While this is dangerous for others, they believe it gives them a new high.

Water Slide Tester:

All play… no work! It makes Jack a dull boy. Not in this case, Jack’s work involves a lot of playing in the water. Water Slide testers have to check all the safety. They make sure that all the rides are absolutely safe. There’s also medical insurance for those who break a bone or two.

Paper Towel Sniffer:

Paper towel manufacturers leave no stone unturned. They ensure you that their rolls don’t smell bad before, during and after use. How do the employees check for any unwanted smell after use? Yuck!

Professional Cuddler:

If you are in Japan and missing your girlfriend, just invest some money and you can get to cuddle and sleep next to a Japanese woman. Mind it, just cuddle.

Pet Food Taster:

This job can only be done by those people who are true animal lovers or someone who likes to chew weird animal foods.

Professional Mourner:

You’ll need these mourners if nobody gave a damn about you when you were alive. It’s sad that you won’t be able to see them mourn for you because you’d be in the coffin.

Chicken Sexer:

Sure, there are chicks involved, but still, there’s nothing sexy about this job. A chicken sexer’s job is to identify the gender of a baby chicken. That’s all about it.


You’ll meet a cuidacarro when you park your car in Costa Rica. His job isn’t as complicated as it sounds. All a cuidacarro does is watch your car when you are gone so that nobody steals it.

Gross Stunt Taster:

For every guy who chews a grasshopper on a reality show, there are much more who’ve done the same thing in real life. These crazy guys are called Gross Stunt Testers and their job includes testing everything that’s gross. Look at this woman here.

Furniture Taster:

This job is pretty cool. You have to sit, wriggle and sleep on the furniture to see whether it’s comfortable or not.

Wrinkle Chaser:

The name explains it all. Wrinkle chasers make sure that there are no marks on shoes when they are ready to go to a factory. Yes… I am talking about shoes. This is the reason why high-heels look classy.

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