This Bindaas Desi Bride Dancing to the Tunes of Cheap Thrills As She Waits for the Groom to Arrive Is Too Funny

Gone are the days when the Indian brides were coy and shy mannequins. The modern desi brides are bindaas and bold. They don’t hesitate and think twice before trying something fun during the wedding occasion. Amisha Bhardwaj is the perfect example of one such bride.

On her wedding day, Amisha got to know that the bridegroom Pranav Verma would be arriving a bit late for the ceremony. She was midway through getting ready when she got to know this. Based on the suggestion of her photographer to relax with her friends, what she decided to do was absolutely hilarious.

She decided to unwind to the ‘Cheap Thrills’ tune from Sia’s renowned hit. She started enjoying her big day by dancing away in her shorts and choli with all finery on but with no inhibitions.

We have watched many videos of few quirky brides who enter the wedding spot gleefully dancing their heart out, but nothing of this sort. Amisha now tops the list of coolest brides.

Check out the viral video of Amisha dancing to Cheap Thrills here and you are sure to laugh your heart out.

No doubt this badass bride has transformed into a mini internet celebrity overnight! The peppy, fun track Cheap Thrills seemed to be the perfect choice for Amisha to dance away with her bridesmaids.

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