Biryani with Mayo & Ketchup? The Twitteratie Couldn’t take in this Blasphemous Content

I am pretty sure that if we give it some time, a humble plate of biryani will be declared as a national dish.

Like who in the world wouldn’t like a heavenly, succulent bowl of biryani? It is not just a dish, ‘Biryani’ bonds with a people emotionally, in ways far beyond human comprehension. If you are a hardcore-biryani lover, then I bet you can relate to as to what I’m talking about.

‘Biryani’ so utterly perfect, it could actually be a new synonym for perfection!

Now meet Ali San. He is a London resident, a student and yeah, the destroyer of all good and pure in that is left this world.

This guy managed to set all hell loose when he tweeted a picture of what he claimed to be the ‘best way to eat biryani’ – with ketchup and mayo! Yeah, you have read it right! I was as alarmed and as disgusted as you are…

But little did Ali realize what blunder he had done. Nobody messes with biryani and walks away from it. Biryani-lovers from all across the world united as one(quite a rare seen though) to condemn this sacrilege.

His Tweet grabbed the attention of people globally and within a jiffy they all came together to show their disappointment with him.


What was hilarious is that people from every possible biryani-loving nation started dis-owning him!

The twitteraties even called out to Ali to delete his twitter account for sharing such blasphemous content!

On the whole, this entire mayo-ketchup-biryani controversy had us ROFL, especially the tweets! Would you eat biryani with mayo & ketchup? Let us know…

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