Biswa Kalyan in the House!

It’s nice to see that Indian comedy acts are finally getting a pedestal. And no, we are not talking about The Kapil Sharma show, we mean actual and real comedy shows like the ones hosted by hilarious comics like Naveen Richards, Kenny Sebastian and of course Biswa Kalyan Rath.

Biswa got an hour-long comedy stand-up special on Amazon Prime called ‘Biswa Mast Aadmi’ and this guy has been killing it with his rib tickling and ROFL kind of comedy. It is nice to know that an entire hour is dedicated to genuine comic like him.

Biswa’s is in his primo comedy mode is bringing forward his A-game. Take a look at as to what is in store for you!

Biswa and his Papa

Biswa rips on a complete range hilarious of things, be it the “joys” of growing up in a middle-class family, or the struggles of trying to fit in and be cool, or the from college rock-bands to his imaginary fights with his dad. This dude has got everything covered. Plus, the stuff that he says is so relatable!

What Biswa had to say about sports. Gymnastics in particular…

But Biswa’s got a valid point!

He is even taking down the age-old quotes!

Reality is stranger than fiction, you say? Then, you my friend haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda yet!

Biswas choice of words!

This one had me in splits!

And these are simply a few bits of his comedic arsenal. And trust me on this when I say that there is loads more of where that came from!

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