Bizarre fish with ‘legs’ pulled from a river stuns fishermen

The unusual fish, that seems to have legs, was caught from a river in Thailand and had the fishermen baffled.

Fishermen were scratching their heads when they pulled this bizarre creature from a river.


The unusual fish, that seems to have legs, was caught by the men from a river in Thailand.

The fishermen who caught the creature uploaded a video to Liveleak, which had people guessing what type of fish it is.

Many guessed that it is a type of batfish, which are usually found in temperate waters.


Batfishes commonly have broad, flat heads and slim bodies and they are covered with hard lumps.

The creatures usually grow to 36cm at most and are poor swimmers.

They usually walk on their thick limbs, like fins or feet.

Most live in the depths of the sea but some do inhabit shallow water.


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