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Blue Whale Challenge: 17-Year-Old Russian Girl, Alleged Mastermind, Arrested

Lue-whale chalange-mastermind

Russian police arrested a 17 year old Russian girl for allegedly being one of the curators of the notorious game, Blue Whale. The defamed game has taken more than 130 lifes, mostly of teenagers and youngsters around the world.

The game is a wreck! Once you enter it, there isn’t any way to escape, it consist of 50 deadly challenges starting from the less dangerous ones to the suicidal attempt at the 50th, i.e, final challenge.

The most daunting challenge of the game is that the administrator will tell you the date of your death and you have to plan your death accordingly lest they themselves kill you or you family members.


According to the local police at Russia, the accused teeneger had portraits of Philipp Budeikin, at her house. Philipp Budeikin is the scandalous developer of this deadly game who in fact is an expelled psychology, Russian student and is now imprisoned for 3 years.

As per police reports, the girl initially started playing the game as a ‘whale’ but then switch to be an administrator where she encouraged or blackmailed others to take their life.

Not only in Russia, the game’s catastrophic effect has been seen around the world. In India also, there are more than 2 cases of suicides and 5 cases of abortive suicidal attempts.

The entire game is a web, once you are in it you can’t escape, even if you want, said the 19 year young Madurai ( Tamil Nadu) student, ‘Vignesh’ in his last note, who end his life too by hanging himself on Wednesday afternoon because of this death-dealing game.  

“Blue Whale – this is not a game but a disaster. Once you step inside, you can never leave.” (translation of the note in Tamil)

His body was taken to Tirumangalam Government Hospital for postmortem where officials found whale’s image on his left arm with Blue whale written beneath it with a sharp object.

The police also recovered a handwritten note from his house that says: “Blue Whale – this is not a game but a disaster. Once you step inside, you can never leave.

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