BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE Now In India! It’s The Time To Know About This Threat:


BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE Now In India! It’s The Time To Know About This Threat:

“Hello reader, I want to play a game…”

Sounds familiar?

I am sure that readers have been bombarded with images containing blood, pain and fear after reading the first sentence. For the rest, I’ll try to explain about the phenomenon in brief.

This is exactly how Jigsaw greets his prisoners in the SAW movies. The prisoners are asked to do some task. If they fail to do so, they would be finally killed. Don’t take it easy! The tasks are not fear factor or Roadies type. The prisoners are assigned with dreadful tasks like uprooting piercings, chopping of Limbs, psychological warfare etc. Most of the prisoners fail in these tasks and are killed. And those who luckily survive, are then emotionally and physically scarred for the rest of their lives. OBVIOUSLY!

But there is a deeper meaning to those movies. Jigsaw has a motive to install fears in those who are escaped from justice. Moreover, he wants to teach a lesson to those criminals for their lives.


Ilya Sidrov, a postman from Moscow was caught on the charges of starting an online game named “BLUE WHALE”. This game is made to force teenagers to perform a series of self-harming tasks and at the end it results to suicide. More than 100 deaths have been linked to this online game from then. Do you know what makes it more interesting? Unlike the helpless victims in Saw, teenagers chose to participate voluntarily in this game.

Ilya Sidrov

[Ilya Sidrov]

The name “Blue Whale Game” was first used in 2013. But it was in 2016 that, people started noticing the bad impact of this game. In May 2017, the Russian parliament passed an anti-suicide bill over “Blue Whale Challenge”. After being brainwashed by this game, teenagers were hurting themselves and committing suicides. Victims are found from Russia, China, Brazil, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

Now the horrible thing has happened with a boy from Mumbai. A 14-year old boy from Andheri, Mumbai is one of the first Indian victims of this game. The surprising thing is that, even after the creator is in jail, the game is still an influencer.

The creator used to target those people who are emotionally unstable. Some tasks are also there which force the victims to cut themselves or waking up at odd timing. They were even instructed to watch horror movies which depressed them even more.

Recently Govt. of various countries have started campaign for those who suffer from mental health issues. If you find the idea of someone killing themselves, then STOP THEM!!! But please don’t make your life dangerous for those who are not like you. Because they see the world in a different way.

If you are someone who is facing hard times in life, do not give up. Always remember you are a good person. AASRA is one of such organization which helps those people who have a bad tendency of suicide or who are mentally unstable. Calm Down and talk to your parents! Don’t waste your life. It’s precious. You are not alone, you can always seek help.

Wake Up Buddies! It’s the time to kick this rubbish out of the world. Share as much as you can and aware your friends and family about this “BLUE WHALE GAME”.  

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