Why do Bodyguards and Security Guards wear Shades?

There are a lot of reasons that prompts the general folk to wear shades. It maybe to look cool, or some medical anomaly or shield eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and excess dust. No matter the reason, wearing sun glasses is a very common thing in today’s generation.

Everyone might have different reasons to wear these shades but ever wondered why the security guards and bodyguards wear them? Do the shades give them some kind of advantage in the field or is it just something they have to wear as somebody set it as the trend?

Maybe they feel that shades make them look good! In the current generation, swag is something which is necessary to survive the brutal and cruel world.

No way that’s the reason.

Do the shades come as part of their uniform only? Some kind of dress code for the people in this profession.

That’s really hilarious if you think so!!! I am literally rolling on the floor laughing.

Do these sun glasses give them a sense of self confidence and boost their appeal?

Nope that’s not it either. The reason is absolutely practical and it has nothing to do with their appeal and confidence.

Maybe it is to not draw much attention to the VIP they are protecting and steal all attention.

Or perhaps they have some sort of technology in their sun glasses. Some spy shit!

Nope that’s not it either. The real reasons are:

  • To Shield the Direction in which they are looking in so that the perp is not alerted:

  • In case of a life and death situation generally people close their eyes and this is to make sure they don’t:

  • The intended reason of shielding eyes from sunlight and dust particles:

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