Bomb Scare: Eiffel Tower Closed Down For Visitors

The anti-terrorist police closed down for visitors the World famous Eiffel Tower in Paris on 20 September after a suspected terror threat.

Officers said three “suspected terrorists” were spotted climbing the structure with large rucksacks.

But after a search which went on all morning it was thought the terrorists had escaped using parachutes thereby prompting a theory that they had been extreme sportsmen all along.


“There were reports of three persons climbing the tower from the outside on early 20 September following which the anti-terrorist police even brought along a helicopter at the landmark, said a police source.

Before leaving, the police tried to find out whether the trio had left behind any dangerous material on the tower.

It may be mentioned that the tower was frequently threatened by terrorist groups, including al Qaeda and IS and security has been stepped up since attacks by three radical Islamist gunmen in Paris in January. At present, France is highest on the state vigilance alert.

The 324-metre tower was built for the Universal Exposition of 1889, and soon turned into France’s most popular landmark. It is the most visited monument in the world, with nearly seven million visitors.

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