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Bonnie Tyler gives Enlighting Performance on ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ on Solar Monday

Bonnie Tyler gives Enlighting Performance on 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' on Solar Monday

Monday witnessed a rare solar eclipse event & Singing Legend Bonnie Tyler made it even more memorable for her fans. She performed her iconic song, ‘Total Eclipse of the heart’ right at the time when the Sun was fully covered by the Moon.

The singer commemorated the rare eclipse in performing her 1983 ballad Total Eclipse of the Heart on Royal Caribbean’s Total Eclipse Cruise, along with DNCE & the band led by Joe Jonas.


Tyler handled the vocals while Jonas and his band harmonized and played background. To adapt to Monday’s eclipse, the track was cut down to 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the time of the phenomenon.

The cruise, which left out of Orlando, Florida, was designed in a route to provide premium immersion in the natural event. As the Earth’s surface plunged into darkness, with stops in the Bahamas, St. Marteen and St. Thomas.

‘It’s hard to top a live performance by a musical legend on such a historic day,’ the cruise company’s CEO Michael Bayley said.

All it was a great vibe of the music, everywhere in the cruise, & the audience witnessed this perfect combination of music & heavenly phenomena. The audience was absolutely happy with Tyler’s amazing performance. And the performance has been trending in the news & social media since then.

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