British Designers Transform a Recycled Boeing 737 Engine Into a Chair

The repurposed furniture trend has hit new heights, thanks to Fallen Furniture, a British design workshop that constructs home furnishings from pieces of discarded airplane scrap. The company’s quirky offerings range from emergency exit doors transformed into coffee tables to standing lamps made from exhaust parts. However, one of Fallen Furniture’s biggest—and boldest—designs is the 737 Cowling Chair, created from a real Boeing 737 jet engine.


Bored Panda recently published pictures of the massive seat, which is lined with black leather and rests on an aluminum swiveling base. Fallen Furniture hasn’t listed a price for the 737 Cowling Chair, nor do they explain how, exactly, they plan to ship the unwieldy furniture item—which is made to order—to your house. If cost (and living room space) isn’t an issue, you can inquire for more information, or visit Fallen Furniture’s website to check out more of their work.

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