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British Singer Ed Sheeran has a 2-year-old Doppelganger. Can you believe that?

In case, you are wondering as to why is this British singer/songwriter – Ed Sheeran is trending on all the social media platforms of late, then pay attention. It actually has got nothing to do with him, except that the online platforms have now discovered a 2-year-old kid that appears to be more or less similar to Ed Sheeran than the singer Ed Sheeran actually does and hence, social media has literally lost its calm.

Popular singer Ed Sheeran, whose new studio album – “Divide” is striking the right chords in becoming a super hit, seems to have found a doppelganger in the 2-year-old kid – Isla Walton. According to some news reports, the little Walton from Exeter in the United Kingdom appears pretty much like Ed Sheeran in his childhood days. Stacey Walton, Isla’s aunt gave an interview to one of the channels after which the photo was shared, and it went viral on the net.

With ginger hair, junior Walton’s resemblance to Ed Sheeran is so close that you cannot miss it. A lot of people feel that the baby looks more like Ed Sheeran than Sheeran himself. Many people on social media platforms have admitted that the little girl resembles Sheeran and there have been some comments like “She is the mini – Ed”, or Junior Sheeran. Stacy stated that she herself calls Isla as baby Sheeran. Stacy admitted that she loves listening to Sheeran’s songs and she also dances to his music.

Ed Sheeran’s third album “Divide” was released in the month of March 2017. This album made it’s mark as number 1 in both the US and UK markets. Although Sheeran’s music is making news in the industry, it is because of this little kid, that Ed Sheeran is trending on social media platforms.

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