Cafe Wall : The Another Trending Optical Illusion On Internet


Not only the “ brick wall” and “ the dress”, the Internet today actually baskets a large number of optical illusions that would make you doubt on your vision. Because how these visibly slick pictures are appearing to you are not, what they actually are. They look at first glance looks different from their original version. These illusions are the latest trend on Internet, they go viral in seconds and people around the world love to tickle their brain to spot the unusual stuff in these optical trickeries.

Cafe Wall

Victoria sky, 58 years old Roswell, GA resident who announces herself as an illusion artist and has a website of artful illusions as well to verify her claim. But what made her famous is one of her artwork posted on Twitter on August  7th by Martin S. Taylor, which is a hot topic for debating among people, whether the lines in the image are straight or bent?

Famed as the “Cafe wall” Illusion is a master work of maths combined with colors, which Skye excellently implemented in her image. The image has black and white vertical line intersected by gray lines with tiles shifted in a zigzag manner. As per Wolfram Alpha, the gray line appears to be bent at the right and left corners but the fact is, these gray lines are parallel and straight.

See the picture yourself.

Internet Cafe Wall Optical Illusion

Don’t get upset if you are unable to figure out, how the lines actually are, you aren’t alone. Hustle your mind a little and you will observe the right manner in which the lines are actually placed. All thanks to mathematicians who give evidence to prove the lines are perpetually straight lest we would keep scratching our head over hoaxes.

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