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Can the Government Spend 148 Crore in A Better Way than to Tag the Cattle in the Country

With the news coming in that, the ministry of agriculture is planning to tag all cattle with a tamper-proof Unique Identification Number (UIN), the internet got abuzz with comments. The decision was conveyed to the apex court of the country by the solicitor general Ranjit Kumar.  It is expected that this exercise would cost 148 Crore of the taxpayers’ money. People felt it was ridiculous to spend so much money on tagging the cattle and they started pouring in their suggestions: both serious ones and the ones ridiculing the government’s decision.

  •    The fans of Justin Bieber felt that it’s better to spend this money on buying 1.97 crore VVIP tickets to his concert rather than wasting it on tagging. Not many would agree to that…. Isn’t it?

  •    The money is enough to build a miniature of Burj Khalifa felt some.

  •    Why would alcohol lovers left behind….. Here comes the perfect suggestion. Buy 2960000 bottles of Old Monk.

  •    Goa is the most preferred domestic holiday destination for a majority of Indians… This money will be enough to book 98666 trips to this exotic location.

  •    When India’s Mangalyaan project cost less than Rs 7 a km, can’t we use this money to make it run for 211428571 km.

  •    Well, I can buy 29600 race horses and rein the racing circuit.

  •    Here comes straight from the heart of a youngster….this amount will be enough for dating 2114285 times in Starbucks.

  •    Oh, this amount will make me the proud owner of 37 Lamborghinis.

  •    I can have 21 teams of my own and start my personal IPL.

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