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The Cancer Couldn’t Stop This Little Boy From Living His Dream!!


Bradley Lowery may only be five years old but he is one of the bravest kids who also happens to be a huge soccer fan. Living in  Blackhall Colliery, England in 2013, Bradley was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer occurring mostly in children under the age of five. He spent two years in chemo and was finally declared cancer free.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned this summer. His family has so far raised about £700,000 to send him for treatment in the United States as it’s not available in England. Despite the hurdles Bradley and his family face, the boy still loves his favourite professional soccer club Sunderland.

The team wanted to give the boy an experience of a lifetime and make him forget his health if only for a little while.

Bradley was made the guest of honour and mascot for the Sunderland club.

Bradley was made the guest of honour and mascot for the Sunderland club.

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