Because you cannot always be called a hero in life. So take a break and relax just like Mathura Das

Today’s date might hold different significance for several people around the globe, for some people this date might just be like any other normal day but as far as the fans of Bollywood are concerned, this day will hold a special place in their hearts as they revere this day.

20 years ago on this day, the director J.P Dutta gave the blockbuster movie and magnum opus and classic movie, Border.

There were a lot of things that we learnt from the movie.

For example, it was on this date, 20 years back that we knew that the actor Jackie Shroff has an excellent sense of sight in the entire world. Wondering why we said that? Have a look at this scene. How else was Jackie Shroff able to see the thumbs up from thousands of feets above the sky.

Each and every actor from the movie, made us become aware of something new.

The movie showed us how patriotic Suniel Shetty was.

And yes, how can we forget the legendary vocal strength of Sunny Deol.

However, in addition to all these talented characters, our favorite was Mathura Das. And we should all make efforts to try and become like him.

Here is his story.

In the movie Border, Mathura Das was playing the character of a Junior Commissioned Officer and but he is the one who actually taught us how to have fun.

And yeah even in terms of pickup lines, he probably has the best one in the entire human history.

So as the movie begins, Mathura Das is literally doing no work at all and on the other hand everyone else is doing some task or the other.

Akshaye Khanna, Suniel Shetty and Sunny Deol are shown fighting the terrorists in battles.

Puneet Issar is shown stealing food.

But all Mathura Das did was this.

But in the end, Mathura Das dies as hero.

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