Cartoons That Depict the Real Life Hypocrisy of People

Sometimes, cartoons depict the real life situation. Every day, we come across people carrying various masks on their face.

Hypocrisy is inevitable in our society and we tried to present it in its best form in a hilarious manner. This cartoonist is undoubtedly a master in creating such hypocritical cartoons.

Let’s have a look:

  • If you have no knowledge about kitchen, but still you try to cook, this is what happens.

  • How can you relate a painter to a maid?

  • True Indian mentality!

  • She vs. He on New Year

  • Excellent Vision ( This is called Virtual Reality)

  • Lol! This is so true (Warning: This cartoon is strictly for married people).

  • Energy can never be destroyed. It just takes a different shape. So are the shorts 😛

  • This happens at every home.

  • Dad + Technology = Dadology

  • There is one such friend in every selfie.

  • Aloo Mutter ki “MatarGasthi”

  • Keep up your promise or else you have to see horror scene in real life.

  • Singham stalking dear, I’m sorry deer.

  • She- Walrus?

  • This is how you can identify an Indian species.

  • Accept when you get it, else you will repent.

  • Showering rage

  • Never advice your husband. If you do, expect this in return.

  • My dear Married Bhais! This is for you.

  • Even plants love Game of Thrones.

We hope you loved these cartoons and you could relate to your life. These cartoons depict the harsh reality of life.

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