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These Catholic Memes would make you feel sinfully guilty if you laugh

Religion plays a really important role in everyone’s lives. People follow crazy things in the name of religion.Religion generally teaches us humility and humanity towards others but people have twisted religion into something nasty. But there are some true religion followers too.

Sometimes religion has some rules that were made to keep humans in check. Following those rules blindly isn’t healthy and neither is not following them at all. There should be a balance in between those. The funny thing about religion is that you follow because of faith even if you don’t want to.

That’s where these memes come from. Reading these memes would definitely make you laugh but if you are a catholic, you would feel guilty for laughing too. Here are some funny catholic memes:

  1. Give up what you love to Honor Jesus Christ’s sacrifice:

Sudden realization is always dicey. Make sure to remember what you want early on. That way you won’t make such a funny expression.

  1. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ:

Jesus is arriving in Uber in a Honda Accord. The ride hailing company has recently started services to and from heaven. The startup is really growing fast.

  1. You Shall Be Purified of All Afflictions:

Lord, bless these poor souls and guide them on the path of righteousness. Every soul can be saved until they are taken to hell!

  1. OMG! That’s just Nasty:

The expression of the little girl is priceless. She looks like Donald Duck. I’m sure she’s blessed by god now.

  1. That’s a little too out of line isn’t it?

Everyone can do anything through Jesus! Jesus is our lord and savior. We love you Jesus.

We just hope that the wrath of god doesn’t punish all the sinners who made these laughable memes.

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