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10 Most Breathtaking Celebrity Body Transformation In Hollywood


We usually think stars just have to act in their films, but the reality is they do a lot to justify their role in a film. Every film demands a peculiar body, personality, accent for the characters in it, stars works on theses criteria and change themselves physically and mentally to show themselves as a replica of their characters in each movie.


Here, are 10 most unbelievable body transformation of Hollywood actors that will severe up and down your body.


#1. Gerard Butler.


Gerard Butler weights 200 pounds for his authentic king look. Leonardis. He did a very tough training session along with 3 trainers to gain his desired physique. He did a  specific “300 rep Spartan Workout”, that includes 50 pushups, deadlifts, jumps on a 24-inch box each and 25 pull ups without taking any rest during the exercises.

The most impressive thing about the actor is, just after the movie, he drastically lost his weight for his next movie ‘Mavericks’ in which he was playing a role of a sufferer.

#2. Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis is considered as the sexiest woman on earth but still had to loose her weight tremendously for her role in psychological thriller Black swan. She said, “it took me five months to lose 20lb but only 5 days to regain it”. She did four hours of every day hard training for 7 months.

#3. Natalie Portman.


Natalie Portman did the same for the movie Black swan, she too shed 20 lbs by exercising 8 hours a day and by eating almost nothing.

#4. Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy changed his body size almost 2 sizes bigger to play the role of a British prisoner. He ate ample of food and also did extensive body building. Post that, he gained even more weight to play Bane’s role in the movie Batman.

#5. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

She gained around 30lbs to act as a harlot who moves into the serial killing in her movie Monster.

#6. Matt Damon


Matt Damon shed 40 lbs to play the character of a drug addict veteran in his film  Courage under fire. He followed a very strict diet. He even needed medical assistance of 7 months after the shoot because of his menacing weight loss schedule.

#7 Ryan Renolds


He gained 30 lbs of muscles to his body for his film Blade Trinity.

#8 Jared Leto


Jared Leto staked 70 pounds of flab to play the role of an insane killer in the film Chapter 27.

#9. 50 Cent


The actors ran for 3 hours daily and followed a strict diet that included no grains consumption to play the role of a footballer dies due to cancer in the movie things Fall Apart. He lost nearly 50 pounds for the same.

#10. Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth, who plays the famous character of Thor was as muscular as he appeared in the film. His enormous body was gained because of extensive workouts in the gym.

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