Central Government Employees Get A Warning: ‘Face Action If You Complain To The Prime Minister’

All central government employees, including officials of Army and paramilitary forces, were on Monday warned of “action” if they raise service matters related grievances to the Prime Minister, directly. Warning employees, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said such submission of representations directly to other authorities by-passing the prescribed channel of communication, has to be viewed seriously and appropriate disciplinary action should be taken against those who violate these.

As per these instructions, wherever a government servant wishes to press a claim or seek redressal of a grievance, the proper course is to address his immediate official superior or head of his office who is competent to deal with the matter in the organisation. Writing to higher authorities, can rightly be treated as an unbecoming conduct, it said in a directive.

“In spite of these instructions, it has been observed that all government servants continue to represent directly to the prime minister and other higher authorities,” the DoPT said. It is reiterated that the instructions may be brought to their notice and “action taken against those who violate these instructions”, it said.

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