Chat Messages That Can Lead to Instantaneous Break-Ups

People nowadays interact a lot through chatting and couples, in fact, are using this medium throughout the day to stay connected. But not everything is hunky-dory as the chat messages sometimes lead to hilarious situations leading to instantaneous break-ups. Let’s see some of the sample chats that you should never use unless you are looking for a break-up.

  •    Your girlfriend clicked selfie in her new dress and sent it to you. Instead of praising her you wrote that she looked stupid in it and lo bang…..

1. It's Over Baby :) -

  •    Sometimes people break-up giving very very stupid reasons like you don’t know English so it will not work.

2. It's Not Working Out -

  •    It’s easy to dodge questions on chat messages which are otherwise impossible but then you need to be smart not to fall for the gimmick played by the smarter partner.

3. Autocorrects, What A Lie.

  •    Messages allow you to change your status from ‘in relationship’ to ‘single’ just like a magic trick.

4. Magic Trick xD.

  •    The chat makes the art of conveying the heart-breaking messages very easy as you don’t need to see the person face to face.

5. Knock Knock And She Got Trolled.

  •    When two people choose to convey two extreme messages at the same time it becomes hilarious.

6. 1.2.3 BreakUp xD

  •    A simple message ‘Its over’ without any reference and context can lead to a disaster so be mindful before saying anything.

8. WTF?


  •    Auto correct can sometimes lead to most annoying situations in an otherwise good relationship. Counting misspelt as cheating can create quite a stir.

10. Hahha. xD. -

  •    Conveying the news of a break-up in a fancy way might not be understood and the person can ask straight question….but then it’s always easy to tackle such situations on chat messages.

11. Push Ups On Knees Wow.

  •    All hell breaks loose if you send the hot message to a wrong gf.

12. What?

  •    You can actually have quite a time pass on chat messages with some guessing games.

 13. This was hilarious

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This is called "surprise gift" !! ?

This is called “surprise gift” !!


What a stunt? Lol