Children under 16 Can’t See Beauty and Beast Because Of Gay Character Introduction

The Russian culture minister said in an interview that children below 16 years of age won’t be allowed to watch the new movie Disney Film’s Beauty and the Beast because it consists of a gay character. Russia’s cultural minister, Vladimir Medinsky has forced a 16+ rating on the film after it was claimed that the movie contradicted the nation’s law precluding “gay purposeful publicity” went for minors.

A letter released by RIA Novosti news agency, Milonov has protested the movie screening proclaims, “Noticeable and transparent advocacy of sin and sexual misrepresentation under the aspect of a fairy tale.”

Milonov, who is a former lawmaker in St. Petersburg, fabricated his political career on restricting LGBTQ rights.

In 2013, Russia passed a regulation forbidding “gay propaganda” amongst minors. It was worded doubtful, so it can be related to a thorough variety of conditions (for instance, making it simple to target gay and lesbian instructors in Russia since they work particularly with youngsters). The law was demonstrated on a St. Petersburg charge that Milonov created a year before.


The film’s scene in question involves the figure of LeFou (Josh Gad), the frightened and friendly sidekick to the beautiful villain Gaston (Luke Evans).

The film’s premiere was launched on 2nd March in Los Angeles. Director Bill Condon proposed that portraying LeFou as Disney’s first gay character went too far.

The Director said in an interview, “I keep saying it’s more like the first gay moment, because I think it’s a very fluid character, you can’t help but wonder in his adoration of Gaston … (is there) something more going on?”

The movie will hit the theatre on March 16, and in the US, it’ll be released the next day. The film Beauty and the Beast has also sparked dispute in the US. A theatre in Alabama announced that they would not be screening the movie because of the addition of a gay character.

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