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Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Her Postpartum Depression

We all know John Legend as an Oscar and Grammy-winning songwriter/ singer. But what makes him special is that he is a proud father of 11-month daughter Luna and also the best supporter his wife Chrissy Teigen could have.

John Legend has been an ardent supporter for his wife during her postpartum depression period. She recently revealed about her painful battle in the latest Glamour essay.

It was reported that Legend was very proud of his wife when she decided to share her traumatic experience with the world. In an interview with PEOPLE, he said, “For me as a husband, it was my job to do the best I could to support her and understand what she was going through and do whatever I could do to help her. I feel like that’s the least I could do.”

Legend admitted that it is a difficult task to be a new-father and for his wife, Chrissy to be a mother. But what was exciting is that how they as a couple grew together and how they learnt to react to the life’s challenges and joys.

He said he was happy that Chrissy shared her experience. He thought her message would empower a lot of other women and let them know that they are not alone. And this could be hard for anybody no matter how much success, resource or fame you have.

Chrissy Teigen credited her husband John Legend for his unwavering support and for helping her through. She wrote, “He’s exactly as compassionate, patient, loving and understanding as he seems.”

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