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How About A Christmas Celebrated In The Hogwarts Way!!!!


The world of Harry Potter has always been magical, mystical and beyond imagination. May be for that reason the fans of the series range from high millions and keep soaring. It’s quite natural to see how someone could get so wrapped up in all of the adventures that go on there. This is what lead the franchise become one of the most popular things in the world.

Celebrating Christmas Harry Potter Style

The Warner Brothers studio in London recently hosted a Christmas dinner on the set of Great Hall and as you will see it was a once in a lifetime experience for any fan of this ever popular franchise. Everything was exactly the way it was in the movies and books and guests even had to hold off some bad guys before dinner was served. Isn’t this amazing?!?!?

It was an expensive ticket to get in but it was well worth it for those hardcore fans. After dinner was finished, everyone was taken on a tour around the studios and there wasn’t a single person that was disappointed. It better if you take a look for yourself how fans celebrated Christmas in “Harry Potter Style”.

Tickets for the experience are not cheap but well worth the value.

A Christmas Celebrated In The Hogwarts Way!!!!

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